Pre-Funding Your Services

Pre paying for your funeral can provide the peace of mind of knowing you are not leaving a funeral bill for your family to pay.

BUT: sometimes it is not practical to pre pay in advance. If you are financially healthy and your money is earning a decent return...then why pre pay for a funeral that has been increasing in price at the rate of 3% a year? If you are financially healthy your funeral expenses will be paid by your executor from the assets in your estate or from your life insurance proceeds, etc.

There would be no need to pre fund your arrangements in this case. BUT: if you are in jeopardy of using all your assets to pay for expensive medical treatments or an extended stay in a rest home, then you need to pre pay while you can. See Title 19.

When a funeral is pre-paid in full at the Miller-Josey Mortuary, the prices of our services and merchandise are locked in forever. Your family will not have to add one cent at the time of your death, other then inflation with respect to cash disbursements and any additional services your family request later.

We place your money in an insured escrow account with Landmark Life Insurance Company and Texas Service Life, or we purchase an insurance policy for you with our funeral home as the beneficiary. The safety of your money is a top priority.

We can determine the plan best for you after we have had a short discussion about your needs and situation.

Any place you pre pay for a funeral be certain of the following:

  • Your contract lists all the goods and services that you expect and paid for.
  • Your contract is portable. Meaning that you can transfer your money to another funeral home should you relocate to another city or state; or just want to make a change.

For more information on pre paid funeral contracts, contact the Texas Department of Banking at www.prepaidfunerals.texas.gov.

The website provides information to enable consumers to make informed decisions relatig to the purchase of prepaid funeral benefits.

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