Multicultural Options

Multicultural Options

We are dedicated to helping families of all faiths plan the most appropriate service, and assuring that the smallest detail is never overlooked in their time of need.

Respecting the Diversity of Your Family

Miller-Josey Mortuary celebrates the ethnic diversity of our community by offering a wide variety of options to meet the special religious and cultural traditions of families. Our professional staff has worked with leaders in the African American, Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, Hispanic, Jewish and Protestant communities to make sure that religious guidelines are followed according to a family's wishes.

Some religious guidelines dictate that services take place as soon as possible after a death starting with a purification ceremony or by praying and watching over the deceased. For other cultures, it is customary to wait a week or more. Ritual chanting, singing, praying, music, readings, flowers, incense or candles are important to many. There are also those who give guests special mementos like an envelope with coins for good luck or candy to help take away the bitter taste of death. Many families mourn wearing black while in others the immediate family wears white. There are funeral traditions that end with the family watching the casket lowered into the ground and others that specifically ask that family members not see the casket being lowered. Some choose to create their own contemporary rituals. Whether your family wishes to observe longstanding traditions, create new rituals or blend both together, our staff can help.

We've arranged services in our funeral homes, private homes, chapels, churches, temples, cemeteries, crematory chapels and other places meaningful to the person being honored. A funeral is more than a way to mourn a loss--it is also a collective celebration of a life well-lived.

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